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    Restaffine - Blue Blaze Rods

    We're pleased to announce Topwater Specialists are the Australasian agent for Restaffine Rods.

    We have the full range of Blue Blaze and later this year Black Blaze saltwater casting rods available. Restaffine rolls their blanks in-house at their factory based in Otsu City, Japan, and their rods are hand-built.

    What sets Restaffine rods apart from other international rod builders is the fact that they roll Torey Nano-Carbon and Boron (Metal Fiber) blanks. High-end components are used to complete the build including Fuji Titanium frame SIC K guides and the biggest two are Fuji Super Ocean guides with Fuji reel seats.

    Quote from Restaffine Rods:
    I would like to explain the difference between Boron rods and Carbon rods, that Carbon rod is the strength which does Not bend more on its bending limit. But Boron rods can let a fish run over the bending limit.... The Boron rod strength is not the meaning ‘ keep hard and stiff against gamefish power ‘ BORON is durable, tenacious, and lets a fish run and returns back to its original state without damage to the fibers.

    Boron is a metal fiber. A single fiber is very fine like a hair. The Boron fabric is about 15cm width x 100m length = costing about US$14,000

    There are very few rod manufacturers who use BORON for the full rod length, due to the difficulty to roll on the very small diameter mandrel tip, and the very high cost, due to this BORON has been used only for a very short portion of the rod.

    Restaffine love unique Boron features and have been producing high-quality Full-length Boron rods for more than 40 years.


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