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    Madcapbros lures are handmade in Japan by Tatsuhiko Sato-san.

    Tatsu Sato-san has been crafting lures by hand and knife for over 35 years and selling production lures for just over 34 years. Producing over a 100 000 lures by hand over time.

    Using a unique technique, with his lures being crafted with 2 pieces of wood. He advised the key is dislocation. When assembling his lures he places them a few millimetres staggered on purpose. He states a staggered combination makes a waver action when diving which triggers the fish to bite. He believes a plastic lure cannot imitate these technics, only handcrafted wooden lures can. A combination of foil, abalone shell and hand painting with all lures receiving 8 clear coats to increase the longevity of the lure.

    With a very limited annual production of about 500 – 600 lures which have accounted for plenty of Yellowtail Kingfish, Tuna, and GT in Japan.













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