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    Indigo Blue

    Satoshi-san from Indigo Blue lures, is a boutique builder from Tokushima prefecture in Shikoku district of Japan. He has been crafting lures by hand for around 20 years.

    Indigo Blue lures are built from Tung tree wood and the La Mer and Mare models have a unique air chamber to create a high buoyancy. To ensure swimming perfection, each lure under goes an individual swim test before being released for retail.

    With a strictly limited number of lures produced each year, they are highly prised in Japan and have accounted for Kingfish, GT and Tuna.


    They have been a very effective lure in New Zealand below MusyaPop 210 raising a 25Kg+ fish respectively.



    Mare 210/65g


    LaMer 180 raising fat healthy Hauraki Gulf kingfish. 


    LaMer 210mm/95g