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    Fish Trippers Village

    Fish Trippers Village is a boutique Japanese fishing company dedicated to Topwater Fishing. They release very limited runs of topwater products that rarely make it outside the JDM.

    Masa-san is the owner and has frequented New Zealand over the past 10 years fine tuning his products, lures, rods, and terminal tackle by pursuing XXL Kingfish with the sole aim of catching that fish of a lifetime.

    He is a pioneer and visionary expedition angler respected by the Japanese, who has had a huge impact on the JDM, contributed to various products and influencing topwater fishing techniques globally and chasing monster GT, Kingfish, YFT and BFT.


    Frequently waters boil up with fish , a lively reflection on the fish finder.

    Whether you are a veteran of 100 battles, It's a moment when your heart beats  limbs tremble and you feel alive.

    Providing you with the ability to hold your best presentation in your hand.  I want to deliver the tools for that to everyone.

    Welcome to the village of those affected by fishing



    Truth Japan - Ocean Sprinter 711RS & Fish Trippers Village -  Emocion 260 raising GT in Japan.